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richard miles freedom(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

59: Miles of Freedom from Incarceration

EPISODE 59: Richard Miles was wrongly imprisoned for 15 years.
todd orr survives grizzly bear attack(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

58: Grizzly Attack with Todd Orr

EPISODE 58: Todd Orr survived two grizzly bear attacks in the same day, and then walked miles back down the mountain to safety.
trip hawkins madden electronic arts(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

57: Trip's Folly; Building EA and Creating Madden

EPISODE 57: Trip Hawkins created his own major at Harvard, Electronic Arts, and the Madden video football game.
autistic attorney haley moss(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

56: Autistic Attorney with Haley Moss

EPISODE 56: Haley Moss is the first openly autistic attorney to pass the Florida BAR exam. She shares why her neurodiversity is her greatest strength in and out of the courtroom.
brad smeele wakeboarder(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

55: Wakeboard to Wheelchair

EPISODE 55: Brad Smeele's professional wakeboarding career came to an abrupt stop when he became paralyzed after an attempt at a trick turned into a devastating crash.
Mark Grant director of espn and cbs sports(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

54: Directing ESPN + CBS Sports with Mark Grant

EPISODE 54: Mark Grant witnessed tragedy when he lost his parents to alcoholism. He witnessed triumph when he became the TV Director of ESPN.
stephen wampler el capitan2019 Scott Kujak

53: Climbing El Capitan with Cerebral Palsy

EPISODE 53: Stephen Wampler is the first person with cerebral palsy to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
kay clinic mackenson bonnell2019 Scott Kujak

52: Diabetes in Haiti

EPISODE 52: Mackenson Bonnell grew up in Haiti and was diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, so he formed a clinic for diabetes treatment.
brett bramble walks(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

51: Walking for a Fix with Brett Bramble

EPISODE 51: Brett Bramble lost his sister to a drug overdose. He walked across America to raise awareness against drug abuse.
rebuilding sergant peck(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

50: Rebuilding Sergeant Peck with a Double Arm Transplant

EPISODE 50: John Peck served as a Marine in multiple deployments and lost all of his limbs when an IED detonated.
travis mewhirter sand volleyball(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

49: Love at First Spike with Travis Mewhirter

EPISODE 49: Travis Mewhirter picked up a vollyeball for the first time in his mid-twenties and quickly turned professional.
yonas hagos army veteran(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

48: Hit by an RPG with Yonas Hagos

EPISODE 48: Yonas Hagos served in the Army and survived a direct hit by a RPG. He is a serial entrepreneur now.
dr. edna ma bareasec) 2019 Scott Kujak

47: Survivor, Physician, Entrepreneur

EPISODE 47: Dr. Edna Ma wanted to pitch her product on Shark Tank, so she entered Survivor to increase her odds.
david osborn wealth cant waitc) 2019 Scott Kujak

46: Wealth Can't Wait with David Osborn

EPISODE 46: David Osborn built the 4th largest real estate brokerage in the United States among other successful businesses.
Kacey McCallister Spartan Warrior(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

45: Rise Up with No Legs and Become a Spartan

EPISODE 45: Kacey McCallister lost his legs at a young age, but it didn't stop him from becoming an elite Spartan endurance athlete as an adult.
sharkwheel business(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

44: Reinventing the Wheel

EPISODE 44: David Patrick and Zack Fleishman are the creators and founders of Shark Wheel which is a revolutionary wheel design and product.
mark crandall speaking(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

43: Foster Care and Prison Happened For Me, Not To Me

EPISODE 43: Mark Crandall grew up in foster care and struggled with drug use before he was arrested. He is a counselor, an author, and inspires current inmates to pursue a new life.
showno towel shelly ehlerc) 2019 Scott Kujak

42: Relaunching a Business After a Shark Tank Deal

EPISODE 42: Shelly Ehler pitched her product, ShowNo Towel, on Shark Tank, but learned a harsh reality in the end.