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brett bramble walks(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

51: Walking for a Fix with Brett Bramble

EPISODE 51: Brett Bramble lost his sister to a drug overdose. He walked across America to raise awareness against drug abuse.
rebuilding sergant peck(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

50: Rebuilding Sergeant Peck with a Double Arm Transplant

EPISODE 50: John Peck served as a Marine in multiple deployments and lost all of his limbs when an IED detonated.
travis mewhirter sand volleyball(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

49: Love at First Spike with Travis Mewhirter

EPISODE 49: Travis Mewhirter picked up a vollyeball for the first time in his mid-twenties and quickly turned professional.
yonas hagos army veteran(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

48: Hit by an RPG with Yonas Hagos

EPISODE 48: Yonas Hagos served in the Army and survived a direct hit by a RPG. He is a serial entrepreneur now.
dr. edna ma bareasec) 2019 Scott Kujak

47: Survivor, Physician, Entrepreneur

EPISODE 47: Dr. Edna Ma wanted to pitch her product on Shark Tank, so she entered Survivor to increase her odds.
david osborn wealth cant waitc) 2019 Scott Kujak

46: Wealth Can’t Wait with David Osborn

EPISODE 46: David Osborn built the 4th largest real estate brokerage in the United States among other successful businesses.
Kacey McCallister Spartan Warrior(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

45: Rise Up with No Legs and Become a Spartan

EPISODE 45: Kacey McCallister lost his legs at a young age, but it didn't stop him from becoming an elite Spartan endurance athlete as an adult.
sharkwheel business(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

44: Reinventing the Wheel

EPISODE 44: David Patrick and Zack Fleishman are the creators and founders of Shark Wheel which is a revolutionary wheel design and product.
mark crandall speaking(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

43: Foster Care and Prison Happened For Me, Not To Me

EPISODE 43: Mark Crandall grew up in foster care and struggled with drug use before he was arrested. He is a counselor, an author, and inspires current inmates to pursue a new life.
showno towel shelly ehlerc) 2019 Scott Kujak

42: Relaunching a Business After a Shark Tank Deal

EPISODE 42: Shelly Ehler pitched her product, ShowNo Towel, on Shark Tank, but learned a harsh reality in the end.
stephen neal patriots(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

41: Walking-on to Become a 3-Time Super Bowl Champion

EPISODE 41: Stephen Neal is a wrestling NCAA national champion, and a 3-time Super Bowl Champion for the Patriots.
tcu phil taylor football(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

In Loving Memory of Phil Taylor

A re-run of Episode 1 plus some special memories of Phil Taylor. RIP Brother 9/25/2018.
conversations with shark tank entrepreneursc) 2019 Scott Kujak

40: Catching Sharks with Rey Ybarra

EPISODE 40: Rey Ybarra has battled Rheumatoid Arthritis for years, but it didn't stop him from writing his first book about Shark Tank entrepreneurs.
sleeping giant tommy green(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

39: Sleeping Giant with Tommy Green

EPISODE 39: Tommy Green overcame an abusive relationship with his father, and is the lead singer of the rock band, Sleeping Giant.
Dr. Geoff Tabin cures blindness(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

38: Cure Blindness with Dr. Geoff Tabin

EPISODE 38: Dr. Geoff Tabin is the 4th person ever to climb the Seven Summits, and is on a mission to cure the entire world from unnecessary blindness.
battling back from divorce and infidelity(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

37: Restoration After Divorce with Kyle Oxford

EPISODE 37: Kyle Oxford battled depression and drug abuse after his ex-wife's infidelity, but he was restored with someone new.
Amputee Strongman competition(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

36: Brute Bionic Strength with Stephen Moore

EPISODE 36: Stephen Moore lost his leg but it didn't prevent him from winning a strongman competition.
shay eskew burn victim becomes ironman athlete(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

35: Burning Ironman with Shay Eskew

EPISODE 35: Shay Eskew became a world-class Ironman athlete after receiving third-degree burns.