69: A Life Fully Lived with Tim Rhode


Tim Rhode retired at the age of 40. He is the founder of the 1Life Fully Lived Conference and the Dare2Dream program. In this episode:

  • Envisioning and writing down goals
  • Struggling as a grocery clerk at 25 years old with 2 kids and transitioning to real estate
  • The art of sunshine service
  • What is in the 1Life Fully Lived Journal?
  • The intersection of passion, talents, and opportunities
  • Where do you come alive?
  • Learning financial management without a mentor
  • What happens at the 1Life Fully Lived Conference?
  • Dare2Dream – visiting high schools for free to empower the students to learn about themselves through vision planning, finances, and wellness
  • Going from victim to victor

You can learn more about Tim and his organization by emailing him at tim@timrhode.com or visiting www.1lifefullylived.org

The 1LifeFullyLived Conference is October 12 and 13 in Long Beach, CA. Find details and apply online.