54: Directing ESPN + CBS Sports with Mark Grant

Mark Grant grew up with parents who were addicted to alcohol. He eventually lost both of his parents to alcohol related deaths. However, Mark decided to never drink alcohol throughout his life and became a successful sports journalism major at LSU. Early in his career he became a director for ESPN, and he is 1 of 10 directors for CBS Sports now. In this episode:

  • Growing up with an alcoholic father
  • Becoming the man of the house after his dad left when Mark was 16 years old
  • Watching his mother turn into an alcoholic herself after his father left
  • Grieving two parents that passed away due to alcoholism
  • Learning to be like the good in his dad
  • Never seeing his father again after he abandoned Mark’s family
  • Changing majors from pre-med to broadcast journalism
  • Pursuing ESPN wholeheartedly
  • “Sometimes the opportunity hits you on the side of the head”
  • TV Director – Conducting the TV team orchestra
  • Overcoming racial prejudice in the industry
  • Holding 1 of only 10 Director spots for CBS Sports

You can follow Mark on Twitter @megcbstv.