59: Miles of Freedom from Incarceration

Richard Miles was walking home one day when his life changed forever unexpectedly. He was arrested for murder and found guilty shortly after. He spent 15 years in prison before he was found innocent and exonerated. Once he was given his freedom, he decided to help others in Dallas adjust to their newfound freedom as well through Miles of Freedom. His organization provides resources and referrals to former inmates as they assimilate back into society. In this episode:

  • Growing up in Oak Cliff, Dallas
  • A normal walk home turns into suspect #1 arrest
  • Arrested due to racial prejudice
  • Finding a peace in being innocent
  • Learn the system, and adjust to the order of the system
  • The most brutal part of prison – the inability to choose
  • Losing hope year 11 into prison
  • I am in despair, I am a commodity, I must be useless
  • Wrestling with God over injustice and his race
  • Having faith before prison but working his faith for the first time in prison
  • Words from my cell – A Bible Study in prison, regaining hope
  • The shortest case Centurion has ever done – 15 month TAT
  • Centurion vs. Innocence Project. Centurion – Specializing in non-DNA cases. Innocence Project – Specalizing in DNA-evidence based cases.
  • Release in exoneration, Freedom in Innocence
  • Miles of Freedom – His non-profit that helps anyone who was incarcerated, guilty or innocent, transition back into society with rehabilitation programs, education opportunities, and career resources/connections.
  • #1 needed change in reform of the prison system – providing a quality of life for inmates once they are released from prison so they don’t return to life behind bars
  • Success in life is determined by potential, not position

You can find out more information about Richard and Miles of Freedom on Facebook @MilesofFreedom and www.milesoffreedom.org