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Travis Mills Army Veteran

87: Tough as They Come with Travis Mills

EPISODE 87: Travis served in the Army 82nd airborne and lost all four limbs in a bomb explosion during his third tour of duty.
Tracy episode 86

86: Type I Diabetes: Bitter or Better? with Tracy Herbert

EPISODE 86: Tracy lives with Type I Diabetes and she biked 3500 miles across the United States.
Jerzy and The Happy Body

85: The Happy Body and Olympic Weightlifting with Jerzy Gregorek

EPISODE 85: Olympic Weightlifting Champion, Jerzy Gregorek, shares his story of overcoming communism and alcoholism in Poland to create The Happy Body method for healthy living.

84: Blind Flamekeeper with Michael Cleveland

EPISODE 84: Michael Cleveland was born blind and became a 12-time Fiddle Player of the Year and a Grammy Award Recipient.
Karen Darke Gold Medalist

83: Find Your Inner Gold with Karen Darke

EPISODE 83: Karen Darke is a Paralympic Gold Medalist and survivor of a climbing accident.

82: Constructing Forgiveness with Derek Stone

EPISODE 82: Derek Stone learned to forgive his dad and grow a million dollar business.
amberley snyder with her horse

81: Get Back on the Horse with Amberley Snyder

EPISODE 81: Amberley shares her comeback story to become a rodeo champion after breaking her back.
maggie seymour marine runninig with flag

80: Run Free Run with Maggie Seymour

EPISODE 80: Maggie is a Marine and has a goal to run across all 50 states to raise money for small local charities.
adriane fields survivor of rape

79: Rip the Bandage with Adriane Fields

EPISODE 79: Adriane Fields is a survivor of rape and the founder of the organization Rip the Bandage.
unstoppable tracy schmitt speakerc) 2019 Scott Kujak

78: Limbitless with Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

EPISODE 78: Tracy Schmitt was born a 4-way amputee and became the #1 Female Transformational Speaker in 2019.
ryan harris superbowl champion

77: I am, I can, I will with Ryan Harris

EPISODE 77: Ryan Harris overcame three back surgeries and won Superbowl 50 with the Denver Broncos.
Mark Pattison 7 Summits NFL Veteran(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

76: Mountaineering NFL Veteran with Mark Pattison

EPISODE 76: Mark Pattison is trying to become the first NFL veteran to climb the 7 Summits.
chelesa fearce at yale

75: Homeless to Yale with Chelesa Fearce

EPISODE 75: Chelesa Fearce grew up homeless while in high school, yet she earned a full ride scholarship to college and is pursuing a medical degree at Yale University.
steph Hammerman crossfit trainer

74: Hammer Driven Athlete with Steph Hammerman

EPISODE 74: Steph lives with Cerebral Palsy, beat cancer, is a Crossfit trainer, and a Nike sponsored athlete.
Andre Shelby archer and seaman(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

73: The Naval Archer with Andre Shelby

EPISODE 73: Andre Shelby served in the Navy for 18 years before he won a Gold Medal in archery at the 2016 Paralympics.
dr richard shuster host of the daily helping podcast

72: Helping Daily with Dr. Richard Shuster

EPISODE 72: Dr. Richard Shuster survived a terrible car accident, redefined his purpose in life, and created the nonprofit Every Kid Rocks after his son was born with neurological complications.
chris norton walks down aisle with his wifec) 2019 Scott Kujak

71: Seven Long Yards with Chris Norton

EPISODE 71: Chris Norton became paralyzed after a football injury, but it didn't stop him from walking his wife down the aisle.
Amanda May battles Lupus(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

70: Weightlifting Champion with Lupus with Amanda May

EPISODE 70: State weightlifting champion, Amanda May, on her journey with the autoimmune disease, Lupus.