56: Autistic Attorney with Haley Moss

Haley Moss is the first openly autistic person to pass the Florida BAR exam and become an attorney. She is now practicing healthcare law in Miami. In this episode:

  • What is autism?
  • Her symptoms and signs at an early age
  • Struggling to make friends and overcoming sensory overload
  • Overcoming indirect bullying due to a lack of awareness
  • Advocacy – not doing politics; being able to make a decision for herself
  • Deciding to pursue law for the first time while she was an undergrad
  • The spoon theory, a way of looking at energy allocation throughout the day
  • Writing 2 books to help others with autism navigate through middle school and college
  • Adjusting to her new career
  • Haley’s suggestions on how to treat a person with autism
  • Different can be extraordinary

You can follow Haley on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @haleymossart, or you can check her website out www.haleymoss.net