57: Trip’s Folly; Building EA and Creating Madden

Trip Hawkins built Electronic Arts and created the most widespread and popular sports video game of all time, Madden. He pioneered the video game industry and is one of the most well known video game creators in the industry. Trip went on to start many more companies with various levels of success. He is a professor at UC-Santa Barbara now. In this episode:

  • Getting hooked on the idea of video games at an early age
  • Creating his own major at Harvard – Strategy and Applied Game Theory, and becoming a pioneer
  • Finding a mentor in Tom Schelling, Noble Prize Winner, at Harvard
  • Trailblazing his own path to learn more about computers and video games
  • Joining Steve Jobs’ team and working for Apple
  • Leaving Apple and launching Electronic Arts
  • The birth of EA Sports – Having the first ever celebrity, Dr.J, involved with making a video game; Dr. J and Larry Bird go 1-on-1
  • Creating the most interactive sports game of all time – Madden football
  • How the biggest strength can become a blind spot and become the biggest weakness
  • Ego – the most potent part of the subconscious
  • Leaving EA, his first baby, behind and forming 3DO
  • Overcoming bankruptcy and the dissolve of 3DO
  • Finding gratitude in anything
  • Not tying yourself to an outcome or desire
  • Helping other technology startup entrepreneurs with his consulting practice
  • Why Tetrus and Fortnite have Trip’s utmost respect

You can find more information on Trip at https://tmp.ucsb.edu/about/people/trip-hawkins