68: NFL and Business with Daniel Griggs


Daniel Griggs was not heavily recruited as a football player coming out of high school, but when there is a will there is a way. Daniel played for a Division III program and contact NFL programs religiously after graduation. He earned an opportunity to workout for two NFL teams before he launched his web development business. In this episode:

  • Growing up in small town America and shining as an athlete
  • Never receiving an offer to play football college, so he made his own highlight video and reached out to colleges himself
  • How embarrassment on the field fueled his motivation to get stronger in the weight room
  • How following up and relentlessness paved the way for him to receive an opportunity to workout for NFL teams
  • Blowing the biggest opportunity of his life by changing his workout routine
  • Transitioning to boxing
  • Starting a web design business without having any IT experience
  • Creative solution solving – his greatest asset as an athlete and as an entrepreneur
  • Going from the Quarterback to the Coach of his business
  • Balancing the responsibilities that come with a large family and a full time entrepreneur
  • Your family is never an inconvenience to your business

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @danielogriggs and can learn more about his business at www.atxwebdesigns.com