62: The Great Comeback with Ebo Elder

Ebo Elder is a retired professional boxer who reached a ranking as high as the #5 lightweight boxer in the world. However, his battles continued outside of the ring. Ebo turned to drug and alcohol abuse after a painful divorce, but turned his life around when he found the Lord. He returned to boxing and fought the #4 fighter in the world in the biggest fight of his life inside the ring. However, the most triumphant moment of his life was pursuing his wife after divorce and remarrying her in a way that no one could have predicted. In this episode:

  • Growing up to become a professional boxer since childhood
  • Boxing grown men as an amateur teenage boxer
  • Boxing the #1 ranked amateur fighter 7 times and losing 7 times
  • Surviving a horrific motorcycle accident
  • Knocking out his opponent in the 1st round of his first professional boxing fight
  • The Greatback – coming back from divorce, depression, drug abuse, and defeat to find a fulfilling purpose in Jesus
  • Experiencing marriage, divorce, and remarriage with his wife
  • Why it is a bad idea to believe that marriage will solve preexisting relationship problems
  • Finding out his wife filed for divorce the night of his US National Championship fight
  • Contemplating suicide and almost going through with it, but turning to God at the last moment
  • Fighting to get his wife back, and fighting in the ring
  • Reentering boxing after a long break to take on the #4 boxer in the world
  • Entering the 12th round of the toughest fight of his career
  • Praying with his opponent in the ring after he knocked him out in the 12th
  • Remarrying his wife in the most unforeseen way possible
  • His daughter was a “rescue mission” to bring him and his wife back together
  • Working through the pain of the past with his wife after their remarriage

Ebo Elder is the author of The Great Comeback: Coming Back from Abuse, Depression, Divorce and Defeat to Find Victory, Freedom and an Amazing Life. You can follow him on Instagram @eboelder and you can find out more about him at www.eboelder.com