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battling back from divorce and infidelity(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

37: Restoration After Divorce with Kyle Oxford

EPISODE 37: Kyle Oxford battled depression and drug abuse after his ex-wife's infidelity, but he was restored with someone new.
Amputee Strongman competition(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

36: Brute Bionic Strength with Stephen Moore

EPISODE 36: Stephen Moore lost his leg but it didn't prevent him from winning a strongman competition.
shay eskew burn victim becomes ironman athlete(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

35: Burning Ironman with Shay Eskew

EPISODE 35: Shay Eskew became a world-class Ironman athlete after receiving third-degree burns.
forrest gump runs across america 4 times(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

34: Run Forrest Run with Rob Pope

EPISODE 34: Rob Pope was inspired by Forrest Gump, and ran across America 4 times in 422 days.
Human Trafficking Victim Becomes Counselor(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

33: Trafficked with Toni McKinley

EPISODE 33: Toni McKinley was forced into human trafficking as a child, and is a counselor helping others now.
Former Drug Addict Builds a Business(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

32: Drug Addict Turned Entrepreneur

EPISODE 32: Kacey Gorringe was formerly addicted to drugs before he started a real estate company.
Fit2fat2fit empathy journey(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

31: Gaining Weight to Empathize

EPISODE 31: Drew Manning gained 70lbs on purpose, then lost it all, and formed Fit2Fat2Fit.
Single mom beats abuse and poverty(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

30: Fiercely Facing Abuse with Carolyn Bostrack

EPISODE 30: Carolyn overcame abuse in her childhood and former marriage to earn her phd.
Man survives brutal beating and paralysis(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

29: Beaten to Death and Beating the Odds

EPISODE 29: Kelubia Mabatah was ambushed, beaten, and left for dead.
jon vroman and front row foundation(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

28: Front Row Life with Jon Vroman

EPISODE 28: Jon Vroman kickstarted his non-profit by running a double marathon.
Billionaire real estate mogul(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

27: Billions in Real Estate with Harry Patten

EPISODE 27: Harry Patten went from rags to riches and made his wealth in rural real estate.
Custodian to Engineer with a college degree(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

26: Custodian Work Meets Lifelong Achievement

EPISODE 26: Michael Vaudreuil started as a janitor at a local college and graduated as an engineer.
Paralympic Snowboarder James Sides(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

25: Marine to Olympian with Jimmy Sides

EPISODE 25: Jimmy Sides lost his arm as a Marine and turned Paralympian Snowboarder.
Dr. Kenneth Cooper Aerobics Medicine(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

24: Father of Aerobics with Dr. Kenneth Cooper

EPISODE 24: Dr. Kenneth Cooper coined the term Aerobics and pioneered the fitness revolution.
christy wise female air force pilot(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

23: One Leg Up On Life

EPISODE 23: Christy Wise is one of six AF pilots to return to the air after an amputation and the first female of the group.
officer matt pearce survives gunshot(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

22: Officer Down but Never Out

EPISODE 22: Officer Matt Pearce was shot 5 times by a wanted criminal in a heated pursuit.
shae brown beat cancer(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

21: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

EPISODE 21: Shae Brown received a heart transplant and beat cancer twice.
sophia danenberg afircan american summit everest(c) 2019 Scott Kujak

20: Mount Everest with Sophia Danenberg

EPISODE 20: Sophia Danenberg is the first black woman to summit Mount Everest successfully.