36: Brute Bionic Strength with Stephen Moore

It was love at first lift for Stephen Moore after he finished his first workout in the weight room. He fell in love with powerlifting and dreamed that he would compete in the strongman competitions one day. However, one day he was hit by another vehicle while on his motorcycle and lost his leg below the knee in surgery. A lost leg did not stop Stephen and he went on to not only compete in the strongman competition, but win a few of them, too. In this episode:

  • The passion for fitness and strength building
  • Getting hit while riding a motorcycle
  • The depression that came after losing his leg
  • Relearning how to lift with proper form with a prosthetic
  • Placing 1st out of 17 competitors in the strongman competition with a prosthetic leg
  • Squat 465lbs, Deadlift 500lbs
  • 35 reps on the Car Deadlift
  • Relating to clients who have never lifted before

Stephen is a personal trainer in Austin, Texas. You can follow him on Instagram @cybernetic_powerlifter