50: Rebuilding Sergeant Peck with a Double Arm Transplant

John Peck served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his second deployment, an IED detonated after he stepped on it, and he lost all four of his limbs. After a long road to recovery, he received a double arm transplant and became the second veteran ever to receive this life-changing surgery. He has regained motor function in his arms and he can accomplish numerous tasks that most never thought he would be able to again. In this episode:

  • Being broke down and built back up during Hell Week in the Marines
  • The brotherhood mindset in the military
  • Excitement to deploy
  • No regrets in serving as a Marine and sustaining injuries
  • 1st tour of duty to Iraq: enduring a frontal tear in his brain lobe that led to a 21 year loss of memory
  • 2nd tour of duty to Afghanistan: stepping on an IED and losing all 4 limbs
  • The pain of divorce after losing his limbs
  • Overcoming suicidal thoughts by learning that he can find love as an amputee
  • Becoming the second veteran ever to receive a double arm transplant
  • Relearning how to wiggle his fingers
  • Throwing out the first pitch with new arms at a baseball game

You can follow John at “John Peck’s Journey” on Facebook. He has a new book coming out on May 7th called Rebuilding Sergeant Peck that you will be able to find in any bookstore.