45: Rise Up with No Legs and Become a Spartan

Kacey McCallister lost both of his legs at the age of six in a terrible accident. He never made an excuse for himself and went on to succeed in all areas of life. He won championships in wrestling and cross country in high school. Now, he competes in Spartan Races across the country on his hands. In this episode:

  • Losing his legs at six years old
  • Learning how to complete chores and other daily tasks without making excuses
  • Gaining confidence through wrestling
  • How a coach taught him the meaning of grit
  • Winning the district meet in cross country, and placing 2nd in the state in wrestling
  • Finding his spouse and raising five kids
  • The most difficult obstacle of every Spartan Race
  • All alone at the Seattle Beast, but finding a way to finish
  • Deciding at the beginning of each race that he won’t quit
  • “That looks impossible. Let’s go do that!”

You can find out more information about Kacey at http://www.riseupwithkacey.com/. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @riseupwithkacey