44: Reinventing the Wheel

The old saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel” doesn’t apply to these two entrepreneurs. David Patrick and Zack Fleishman are the creators and founders of Shark Wheel which is a revolutionary wheel design and product. The circle wheel had not been redesigned for thousands and thousands of years until their unique product came along. Their product has generated an incredible amount of interest and their popularity helped them land a spot on TV’s hit show, Shark Tank. In this episode:

  • Dedicating an entire childhood to one sport
  • Sustaining a devastating injury at the height of one’s athletic career
  • Going from the mortgage banking software industry to reinventing the wheel
  • How overburdened stress caused a health scare
  • The intersection between a sphere and a cube
  • How the passion for science formed a new business partnership
  • Making 800% of their Kickstarter funding goal in the first 30 days
  • Agreeing to a deal with 3 of the Sharks on Shark Tank
  • Finding a new product market after the episode aired

You can find out more information about David and Zack at https://sharkwheel.com/about-us/