39: Sleeping Giant with Tommy Green

Tommy Green is the lead singer of the band Sleeping Giant. He is a rock star who pours his heart into his music. A lot of that passion comes from the pain he experienced growing up. Tommy had to overcome an abusive father which led to many mistakes and immoral decisions as a teenager and young adult. However, Tommy was freed from all of that once he experienced grace. In this episode:

  • Growing up in a household with divorce parents
  • Feeling like a burden to his father and being viewed as an extra child support payment
  • How his father’s neglect shaped his decision making in high school and after graduation
  • Overcoming the guilt of contributing to infidelity
  • Forming the band Sleeping Giant and taking on a new platform
  • Finding God throughout seasons of life and abandoning a sinful life
  • How hardcore rock music helped Tommy become the person he is today


You can learn more about Tommy and his non-profit organization “I Run Against Traffic” at www.irunagainsttraffic.com and can find his music on any streaming platform that you use.