46: Wealth Can’t Wait with David Osborn

David Osborn is a serial entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, and the best selling author of Wealth Can’t Wait. He built the 4th largest real estate business in the USA among many other successful businesses. But he found himself dead broke and unemployed at 26 before he embarked on his journey to create a life of his design. In this episode:

  • Learning that it doesn’t take money to have a fulfilling life
  • The pros and cons of capitalism in a worldview
  • Learning real estate from Gary Keller and building an empire
  • Success is not about the destination, it’s about the journey
  • Making an effort to be successful with his family
  • Wealth Can’t Wait – What wealth is and what wealth is not

You can find out more about David at www.davidosborn.com and you can visit www.thegoaltemplate.com to get a free copy of the template that he uses to set goals. In addition, you can buy a copy of his book, Wealth Can’t Wait, at any book retailer near you.