51: Walking for a Fix with Brett Bramble

Brett Bramble has been affected by the harmful side effects of drug abuse both directly and indirectly. He was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison for drug possession, and lost his sister, Brittany, to a drug overdose shortly after he was freed from prison. He decided to take action against drug addiction and walked across America twice to raise awareness of the harmful side effects of drug abuse. He is now planning to open Freedom to Grow which will be a drug rehabilitation center in Georgia. In this episode:

  • Violating probation and being sentenced to prison for 18 months
  • Breaking addiction through counseling
  • Losing his sister to drug overdose
  • Taking action by raising awareness against the harmful effects of drug use by walking across America to find relief from pain
  • The strong support community he met along his walk
  • Meeting a woman in Kansas City who also lost her sister, Brittany, to drug overdose
  • Raising money for his own non-profit Freedom to Grow
  • Walking across America a second time and becoming the first person to finish the East Coast Greenway
  • Having a stranger join the walk for 300 miles and 3 weeks so that she could save her own life from addiction
  • Having his dog accompany him for most of the 1st walk and all of the 2nd walk

You can find out more information on Brett at www.brettbramblewalks.com as well as on Facebook @brettbramblewalks.