42: Relaunching a Business After a Shark Tank Deal

Shelly Ehler is the creator and founder of ShowNo Towel which is a towel that is worn like a poncho and has multiple functions. Shelly was asked by the producers of the hit TV show, Shark Tank, to pitch her product on the show. Shelly is the only entrepreneur to leave with a signed check in hand after her pitch. However, many unforeseen circumstances happened after the camera stopped recording. In this episode:

  • Creating a product/business idea overnight
  • How Shark Tank found her even though she didn’t have an interest in an audition at first
  • How positive peer pressure from a close friend can change the course of a business
  • The difference between confidence vs. cockiness
  • Thinking quickly on her feet: How she won the sharks over after initial push back to have 3 of the shark investors competing for her partnership
  • The truth about how Shark Tank deals are finalized behind the scenes that is not shared on television
  • How to navigate the frustration of a bait-and-switch tactic in a business deal
  • Gaining a broader perspective when things don’t go a certain way
  • Closing a business and reopening it with a newfound passion and meaning
  • Finding new ways for a product to benefit a certain market

You can find out more information about Shelly at http://shellyjehler.com/