79: Rip the Bandage with Adriane Fields


Adriane Fields is a survivor of rape and the founder of Rip the Bandage which helps the homeless, victims of abuse, and others within her community. In this episode:

  • Challenged with paranoia after hearing of two rape and murder cases near her apartment complex
  • Feeling like she would be the next one to be attacked
  • Waking up in the middle of the night due to someone breaking into her apartment
  • Surviving rape and escaping death from the man known as the “Bathtub Murderer”
  • Losing her mind in the immediate aftermath
  • Getting angry at God for a long time after the attack
  • Finding healing in the therapeutic relief of sharing her story and talking with others
  • Rip the Bandage – A nonprofit focused on helping less fortunate individuals like the homeless and victims of abuse
  • The joy she experienced when her perpetrator was found and arrested
  • Learning to remove the spirit of fear cast over her life
  • The difference between teaching out of fear vs. teaching out of love
  • “That was a fearless lion in baby mode. It’s time to roar, let’s go!”
  • You can follow Adriane at https://ripthebandage.wixsite.com/rip2 or on Facebook @ Rip The Bandage