76: Mountaineering NFL Veteran with Mark Pattison


Mark Pattison played in the NFL for 5 years before he embarked on a journey to become the first NFL veteran to climb the 7 Summits. He completed 6 and has one more to go. In this episode:

  • Becoming an All-American at WR and QB in high school, and playing WR at University of Washington
  • Transitioning to college ball and playing against NFL talent in the Pac-10
  • Getting drafted by the LA Raiders and playing in the NFL for 5 years
  • How his career in the NFL translated to mountaineering
  • Launching businesses after his career in international trade business
  • Going through a messy divorce and deciding to become the first NFL veteran to climb the 7 summits
  • Going from “How did I get here?” to “What am I going to do about it?”
  • Stories of hardship on the tallest mountains in the world
  • Almost getting to the top of Mt. Denali to make a decision for survival and turn around in -80 degree weather
  • Preparing physically and mentally to go back to Denali and summit it successfully
  • The only remaining mountain on Mark’s 7 Summits List: Mt. Everest
  • Mark’s podcast, Finding Your Summit Podcast, which interviews people who have overcome extreme adversity to find the highest level of achievement
  • It takes a little more to become a champion

You can follow Mark at markpattisonnfl.com and @markpattisonnfl on IG and Twitter.