73: The Naval Archer with Andre Shelby


Andre Shelby served in the Navy for 18 years. He lost his mobility from the chest down in a motorcycle accident. He picked up archery after he finished recovery and won a Gold Medal in the 2016 Paralympics. In this episode:

  • Joining the Navy and becoming a seaman; involved with the deck maintenance of the ship and the cargo
  • The most important lesson learned from 18 years in the Navy – how to interact and manage different types of people
  • Losing all mobility from the chest down after a motorcycle accident
  • How Andre and his family found help through a veteran that served in a different branch of the military
  • How Andre went from a man with no experience in archery to a Paralympic Gold Medalist
  • How the point system in archery works
  • His time at the Olympics and the experience of it all

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