74: Hammer Driven Athlete with Steph Hammerman


Steph Hammerman was born with Cerebral Palsy. She became the first adaptive trainer athlete sponsored by Nike due to her Crossfit expertise. In this episode:

  • Wanting to become a teacher ever since she was a little girl
  • Her doctors told her parents that Steph may never be able to read, speak, or write, however she graduated high school and college
  • Steph lives a fulfilled life with cerebral palsy. She does not suffer from cerebral palsy
  • The most difficult part of having CP – getting out of bed in the morning.
  • The best part of having CP – the perspective she has gained on life
  • The question her trainer asked her that transformed her life, “What do you want to accomplish?”
  • Overcoming bloody, ripped hands and fatigue to finish her first hand cycling marathon
  • How the passing of her friend inspired her to carry on his athletic legacy
  • The starting pieces of her journey to becoming a CrossFit athlete and certified trainer
  • Why Steph has the power to tell someone about something verbally and watch them accomplish their workout even though Steph can’t do the same movement herself
  • Battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 3B in 2016
  • Becoming the first Nike sponsored adaptive training athlete
  • Opening up Hammer Driven Fitness and the challenges that come with running a business

You can follow Steph on Instagram @stephthehammer