77: I am, I can, I will with Ryan Harris


Ryan Harris won Superbowl 50 as a starting offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos. He retired after a long career in the NFL and inspires others throughout the world with his message of “I am, I can, I will.” In this episode:

  • The lessons in life that football taught Ryan
  • “I became a better Muslim at Notre Dame.” Staying true to his faith through college.
  • Overcoming three back surgeries during his football career
  • The biggest failure during his time in the NFL: getting released in his fifth year because of arrogance
  • Unwillingness is a blanket over arrogance
  • Trying to win a championship with every fiber of his body and every action of his life
  • Utilizing proper breathing techniques
  • Winning Superbowl 50 with the Denver Broncos – What he believed became knowledge
  • Receiving the Lombardi Trophy for the first time from Peyton Manning
  • Transitioning to life as a broadcaster, motivational speaker, and a financial coach
  • I am, I can, I will

You can find out more about Ryan at ryanharris68.com and you can follow him on Instagram @ryanharris_68

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  1. Justin Staples
    Justin Staples says:

    Good listen. I left the gym this morning with a tight lower back and got discouraged 🙂 Another inspiring story of perseverance through adversity. 3 back surgeries, wow! Love this dudes attitude. I appreciate the share.

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