82: Constructing Forgiveness with Derek Stone

Derek Stone grew up in small town Alabama and pursued a music career just after high school. His up-and-down journey brought him to Nashville where he made the difficult decision to give up music and start a construction business. Years later, he now runs a million dollar company and shares why he decided to forgive those who hurt him the most. In this episode:

  • Growing up without his biological father
  • Handling abuse from his stepfather as a teenager and blaming his father for the lack of protection
  • Growing up in the Deep South learning how to fight, work, and live day-to-day
  • Pursuing a music career and moving to Nashville
  • Changing life directions and opening a business in construction
  • Handling the unknown of his wife’s cancer diagnosis
  • How a musician grew a construction business to over $1 million gross revenue per year
  • Learning how to forgive his father and reestablish a relationship with him
  • Publishing his book, “Why Should I Forgive?”

You can learn more about Derek at derekstone.online