80: Run Free Run with Maggie Seymour


Maggie Seymour is an Intelligence Officer in the Marines. She has a mission to run across all 50 states to raise money for local charities. In this episode:

  • Feeling inspired to join the Marines after her cousin lost his life in Iraq
  • Her experience in boot camp as one of only a handful of women in her platoon
  • Serving as an Intelligence Officer in the Marines for 10 years of active duty before transitioning to the reserves
  • Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait
  • Hating the first mile she ever ran to running over 30 miles everyday across the United States
  • Running is like a “Fine Scotch, it takes time to acquire the taste.”
  • Running across the country and across different states gives her the chance to reconnect with a large chunk of the country that she never knew that she served during her deployments
  • Selecting a different local organization to raise money for in each state she runs across
  • Running through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in less than three weeks with only one rest day
  • Her favorite states and the most difficult states to run across
  • The most interesting people she met? Rattlesnake hunters in New Mexico
  • “We are our choices.”

You can discover more about Maggie at runfreerun.com and you can follow her on Instagram @runfreerunner