78: Limbitless with Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt


Tracy Schmitt was born a 4-way amputee. She learned how to become unstoppable at an early age and accomplish goals that most people would never even dare to try. In this episode:

  • Over 15 million views for her video, “Nobody Left Behind”
  • When you’re told no, respond with “How come?”
  • Shoelace Leader
  • Learning how to play with the neighbors in their yard
  • The benefits of having a “tough love” mom
  • Born limbitless
  • Pursuing leadership development in developing countries
  • Learning how to sail and overcoming multiple challenges
  • Pursuing the Canadian Paralympic Sailing Team
  • Driving to Miami, washing and waxing boats everyday, and living in her car for 3 months to pursue Magnus Liljedahl, Gold Olympian Sailor, as her coach and mentor
  • How Tracy responded after years and years fo effort without selection to the Canadian Paralympic Team
  • Becoming the #1 Female Transformational Leader
  • No excuses, no limits

You can follow Tracy on Instagram @unstoppabletracy and learn more about her at unstoppabletracy.com