70: Weightlifting Champion with Lupus with Amanda May


Amanda May was born and raised in Wisconsin. In high school and college, she started to experience pain day-in and day-out that her trainers and doctors could not provide an explanation for. As her swimming performance dropped and her medical appointments increased, she finally was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. In this episode:

  • The onset of Lupus and the resulting intense pain
  • How her college swimming times changed to one of the best on her team to only being able to finish with her 8th grade swim times in competitive swim meets
  • Waking up one day and feeling paralyzed
  • The 3 different forms of Lupus and the symptoms that they cause
  • Why working out harder and working out longer did not work
  • Misdiagnosed with leukemia and the emotional toll it took on her and her parents
  • Becoming a Wisconsin state weightlifting champion while battling excruciating pain during training
  • Best snatch – 180lbs, Best clean and jerk – 220lbs
  • What Amanda does to track her training regimen while balancing her medications/therapy
  • On purpose with purpose – Aligning action with goals
  • Biggest advice on Lupus: Don’t necessarily believe everything you read or are told regarding limitations of the disease. You can define lupus for yourself.
  • What sets your soul on fire?
  • Find your freedom

You can follow Amanda on Instagram @Mayday1320 or reach out to her through email: ammay1320@gmail.com

69: A Life Fully Lived with Tim Rhode


Tim Rhode retired at the age of 40. He is the founder of the 1Life Fully Lived Conference and the Dare2Dream program. In this episode:

  • Envisioning and writing down goals
  • Struggling as a grocery clerk at 25 years old with 2 kids and transitioning to real estate
  • The art of sunshine service
  • What is in the 1Life Fully Lived Journal?
  • The intersection of passion, talents, and opportunities
  • Where do you come alive?
  • Learning financial management without a mentor
  • What happens at the 1Life Fully Lived Conference?
  • Dare2Dream – visiting high schools for free to empower the students to learn about themselves through vision planning, finances, and wellness
  • Going from victim to victor

You can learn more about Tim and his organization by emailing him at tim@timrhode.com or visiting www.1lifefullylived.org

The 1LifeFullyLived Conference is October 12 and 13 in Long Beach, CA. Find details and apply online.

68: NFL and Business with Daniel Griggs


Daniel Griggs was not heavily recruited as a football player coming out of high school, but when there is a will there is a way. Daniel played for a Division III program and contact NFL programs religiously after graduation. He earned an opportunity to workout for two NFL teams before he launched his web development business. In this episode:

  • Growing up in small town America and shining as an athlete
  • Never receiving an offer to play football college, so he made his own highlight video and reached out to colleges himself
  • How embarrassment on the field fueled his motivation to get stronger in the weight room
  • How following up and relentlessness paved the way for him to receive an opportunity to workout for NFL teams
  • Blowing the biggest opportunity of his life by changing his workout routine
  • Transitioning to boxing
  • Starting a web design business without having any IT experience
  • Creative solution solving – his greatest asset as an athlete and as an entrepreneur
  • Going from the Quarterback to the Coach of his business
  • Balancing the responsibilities that come with a large family and a full time entrepreneur
  • Your family is never an inconvenience to your business

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @danielogriggs and can learn more about his business at www.atxwebdesigns.com

67: Magic, Miracles, and Faith with Jim Munroe

Jim Munroe is a magician that travels all over the United States, but his show is one unlike anything you may expect. Jim incorporates his story of faith into his performance by sharing his story of beating cancer with his audience. His show leaves the audience with dropped jaws, and this interview will be sure to do the same for you. In this episode:

  • Pursuing baseball in college and pursuing magic as a career
  • Falling in love with magic at an early age
  • Losing his co-performer, roommate, and best friend as a young adult
  • Using the art of magic to start a much deeper discussion on faith
  • Getting diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of leukemia
  • “The worst sunburn on the inside of my body all of the time” – the toll that one’s body takes fighting cancer
  • The staggering probability of finding a match in the National Bone Marrow Registry: 1 in 7,000,000
  • Being born again on the 3rd day with new life-saving blood
  • Beating cancer and creating a new magic show centered around his fight with cancer
  • Meeting his marrow donor and challenged with her agnosticism

You can learn more about Jim at whatisthemaze.com, and you can follow him on social media @jimmunroe

66: Dancing into Rodeo with Lisa Leann Dalton

Lisa Leann Dalton spent her entire career dancing in NYC before she transitioned to the world of rodeo in her early forties. After winning some rodeos in Texas, she was bucked off a horse during an event, and broke her neck. She was paralyzed for a couple of months and slowly regained some motor function. She is not the same person today with the same capabilities physically, but she has matured emotionally through it all. In this episode:

  • Beginning ballet/dance at 17 years old and earning a scholarship for it
  • Finding a dance career in NYC
  • The emotional rollercoaster of auditions within the dance world
  • Handling and processing rejection
  • Dance is delicate, rodeo is rough, but both are difficult
  • Competing in bareback bronco rodeo
  • The similarities between dancing and rodeo
  • Winning the biggest rodeo of the year in her first year as a rodeo star
  • Breaking her neck in rodeo and becoming paralyzed
  • Regaining motion bit by bit, moment by moment
  • Getting back in the saddle again
  • The good – How the injury led to a kinder and gentler version of herself

You can contact Lisa directly at @lisaleanne6914 on Instagram or lisaleann13@yahoo.com