72: Helping Daily with Dr. Richard Shuster


Dr. Richard Shuster is a licensed clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, CEO of MARS Industries, and the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 100 countries. On his podcast, Dr. Shuster’s guests educate and inspire listeners through their stories, expertise, and passion for helping make a difference in the lives of others. His mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves and as a result, make the world a better place. A sought after media expert, Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, NBCNews.com, Glassdoor.com, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others. In this episode:

  • Chasing after materialistic possessions young in life
  • Surviving a brutal car accident when he should have died
  • Breaking his spine, suffering internal injuries, tearing every ligament and muscle in his neck, and recovering
  • Shifting his mindset while recovering
  • Going back to school and pursuing his phd in psychology
  • Having a son who was born with physical disability but normal cognitive ability
  • Creating The Daily Helping Podcast to inspire others to become the best version of themselves
  • Every Kid Rocks – a nonprofit designed to give kids time-limited speech, physical, and occupational therapy that just need a boost
  • The #mydailyhelping Movement
  • www.SeekYourPowers.com – Code “underdog” at checkout, to receive your dream job guide for free, and use the result of the POWERS Assessment to discover the career that may be the best fit for you

You can find out more about Dr. Richard at www.drrichardshuster.com and on Instagram @dailyhelpingpodcast

71: Seven Long Yards with Chris Norton



Chris Norton lost his ability to walk after a brutal football injury. However, that didn’t stop him from walking across the stage at his college graduation, or walking down the aisle with his wife after they got married. Today he is an inspirational speaker, an author, and a foster care parent. In this episode:

  • Starting in football and embracing the physicality
  • How one play gone wrong in college football changed his life forever
  • The immediate aftermath of being a teenager and becoming paralyzed from the neck down
  • Feeling like a prisoner in his own body
  • “You will beat this.” How a physician shifted Chris’ mindset and lifted him up.
  • You Will over You Can
  • How teammates became brothers and helped Chris through college each day
  • The toughest parts of therapy
  • Relying on his faith when he could no longer rely on his own abilities
  • The Chris Norton Foundation – Helping cover the medial and rehab expenses of others overcoming a traumatic spinal or musculature injury
  • Meeting his wife, Emily, and pursuing her with intention from the beginning
  • Finding identity in who he is, not the things he does
  • How walking across the stage at his college graduation was upended by walking down the aisle with his wife after they said their vows
  • The most monumental 7 yards of all time
  • Dealing with mental health issues in marriage
  • Why Chris and Emily choose to foster care
  • Adopting 5 kids
  • “I don’t want my physical paralysis to paralyze my mindset”

You can visit www.chrisnorton.org, or follow @chrisanorton16 on Instagram for more information on Chris. You can also listen to the first 2 chapters of his audio book here:

70: Weightlifting Champion with Lupus with Amanda May


Amanda May was born and raised in Wisconsin. In high school and college, she started to experience pain day-in and day-out that her trainers and doctors could not provide an explanation for. As her swimming performance dropped and her medical appointments increased, she finally was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. In this episode:

  • The onset of Lupus and the resulting intense pain
  • How her college swimming times changed to one of the best on her team to only being able to finish with her 8th grade swim times in competitive swim meets
  • Waking up one day and feeling paralyzed
  • The 3 different forms of Lupus and the symptoms that they cause
  • Why working out harder and working out longer did not work
  • Misdiagnosed with leukemia and the emotional toll it took on her and her parents
  • Becoming a Wisconsin state weightlifting champion while battling excruciating pain during training
  • Best snatch – 180lbs, Best clean and jerk – 220lbs
  • What Amanda does to track her training regimen while balancing her medications/therapy
  • On purpose with purpose – Aligning action with goals
  • Biggest advice on Lupus: Don’t necessarily believe everything you read or are told regarding limitations of the disease. You can define lupus for yourself.
  • What sets your soul on fire?
  • Find your freedom

You can follow Amanda on Instagram @Mayday1320 or reach out to her through email: ammay1320@gmail.com

69: A Life Fully Lived with Tim Rhode


Tim Rhode retired at the age of 40. He is the founder of the 1Life Fully Lived Conference and the Dare2Dream program. In this episode:

  • Envisioning and writing down goals
  • Struggling as a grocery clerk at 25 years old with 2 kids and transitioning to real estate
  • The art of sunshine service
  • What is in the 1Life Fully Lived Journal?
  • The intersection of passion, talents, and opportunities
  • Where do you come alive?
  • Learning financial management without a mentor
  • What happens at the 1Life Fully Lived Conference?
  • Dare2Dream – visiting high schools for free to empower the students to learn about themselves through vision planning, finances, and wellness
  • Going from victim to victor

You can learn more about Tim and his organization by emailing him at tim@timrhode.com or visiting www.1lifefullylived.org

The 1LifeFullyLived Conference is October 12 and 13 in Long Beach, CA. Find details and apply online.

68: NFL and Business with Daniel Griggs


Daniel Griggs was not heavily recruited as a football player coming out of high school, but when there is a will there is a way. Daniel played for a Division III program and contact NFL programs religiously after graduation. He earned an opportunity to workout for two NFL teams before he launched his web development business. In this episode:

  • Growing up in small town America and shining as an athlete
  • Never receiving an offer to play football college, so he made his own highlight video and reached out to colleges himself
  • How embarrassment on the field fueled his motivation to get stronger in the weight room
  • How following up and relentlessness paved the way for him to receive an opportunity to workout for NFL teams
  • Blowing the biggest opportunity of his life by changing his workout routine
  • Transitioning to boxing
  • Starting a web design business without having any IT experience
  • Creative solution solving – his greatest asset as an athlete and as an entrepreneur
  • Going from the Quarterback to the Coach of his business
  • Balancing the responsibilities that come with a large family and a full time entrepreneur
  • Your family is never an inconvenience to your business

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @danielogriggs and can learn more about his business at www.atxwebdesigns.com