3: Radical Forgiveness with Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton is a current minor league prospect for the Chicago Cubs, but he is better known for forgiving the man who took his mother’s life. In this episode:

  • Hear what forgiveness really looks like
  • Learn how to turn the other cheek and not reciprocate hate with hate
  • Learn how something positive can come out of a national tragedy
  • Chris shares the strength it takes to carry on after the loss of a loved one

You can follow Chris on Instagram @csingleton_2 and find out more information about him at thechrissingleton.com

2: Mexico to Canada with James Anderson

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In this episode: James Anderson tells us what it was like to walk by himself from Mexico to Canada and the interactions with strangers he had along the way. You will hear:

  • What it looks like to take a giant leap of faith
  • What it is like to walk (many) miles in a homeless person’s shoes
  • About trusting God for help & provision in times of need
  • About the real-life Forrest Gump
  • Success is finding your calling and not letting fear stand in the way of it
  • Many, many stories!

The person that James speaks of in the show is Rob Pope and his Facebook page is “Run Robla Run”; https://www.facebook.com/pg/runroblarun/about/?ref=page_internal

To hear more of James’ stories then please visit his Facebook page “3:16 Coast 2 Coast”; https://www.facebook.com/316Coast2Coast/ and you can reach out to him on instagram @james_heath_anderson

1: Fighting Cancer with Phil Taylor

Our guest, Phil Taylor, explains the highs and lows he has experienced during his current fight with cancer. Hear how his perspective on his situation propels him to flourish in the midst of this strenuous battle. You will hear:

  • Of the ability to find optimism in any situation
  • The mindset it takes to overcome health-related adversity
  • The decision to walk in faith no matter what happens