82: Constructing Forgiveness with Derek Stone

Derek Stone grew up in small town Alabama and pursued a music career just after high school. His up-and-down journey brought him to Nashville where he made the difficult decision to give up music and start a construction business. Years later, he now runs a million dollar company and shares why he decided to forgive those who hurt him the most. In this episode:

  • Growing up without his biological father
  • Handling abuse from his stepfather as a teenager and blaming his father for the lack of protection
  • Growing up in the Deep South learning how to fight, work, and live day-to-day
  • Pursuing a music career and moving to Nashville
  • Changing life directions and opening a business in construction
  • Handling the unknown of his wife’s cancer diagnosis
  • How a musician grew a construction business to over $1 million gross revenue per year
  • Learning how to forgive his father and reestablish a relationship with him
  • Publishing his book, “Why Should I Forgive?”

You can learn more about Derek at derekstone.online

81: Get Back on the Horse with Amberley Snyder

We kickoff Season 3 with Amberley’s Snyder return to rodeo after breaking her back and becoming paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. In this episode:

  • Why Amberley fell in love with horses during childhood
  • All of the events in rodeo she competed in over the years and the championship belts she won
  • How an accident left her paralyzed from the waist down
  • Pushing through rehab and leaning on her family support system
  • Getting back on the horse and what it was like the first day
  • Returning to rodeo and competition
  • Handling stardom and inspiring others through her competitive spirit
  • Writing a book and helping Netflix produce a movie based on her story

You can learn more about her at amberleysnyder.org and on Instagram @Amberleysnyder

80: Run Free Run with Maggie Seymour


Maggie Seymour is an Intelligence Officer in the Marines. She has a mission to run across all 50 states to raise money for local charities. In this episode:

  • Feeling inspired to join the Marines after her cousin lost his life in Iraq
  • Her experience in boot camp as one of only a handful of women in her platoon
  • Serving as an Intelligence Officer in the Marines for 10 years of active duty before transitioning to the reserves
  • Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait
  • Hating the first mile she ever ran to running over 30 miles everyday across the United States
  • Running is like a “Fine Scotch, it takes time to acquire the taste.”
  • Running across the country and across different states gives her the chance to reconnect with a large chunk of the country that she never knew that she served during her deployments
  • Selecting a different local organization to raise money for in each state she runs across
  • Running through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in less than three weeks with only one rest day
  • Her favorite states and the most difficult states to run across
  • The most interesting people she met? Rattlesnake hunters in New Mexico
  • “We are our choices.”

You can discover more about Maggie at runfreerun.com and you can follow her on Instagram @runfreerunner

79: Rip the Bandage with Adriane Fields


Adriane Fields is a survivor of rape and the founder of Rip the Bandage which helps the homeless, victims of abuse, and others within her community. In this episode:

  • Challenged with paranoia after hearing of two rape and murder cases near her apartment complex
  • Feeling like she would be the next one to be attacked
  • Waking up in the middle of the night due to someone breaking into her apartment
  • Surviving rape and escaping death from the man known as the “Bathtub Murderer”
  • Losing her mind in the immediate aftermath
  • Getting angry at God for a long time after the attack
  • Finding healing in the therapeutic relief of sharing her story and talking with others
  • Rip the Bandage – A nonprofit focused on helping less fortunate individuals like the homeless and victims of abuse
  • The joy she experienced when her perpetrator was found and arrested
  • Learning to remove the spirit of fear cast over her life
  • The difference between teaching out of fear vs. teaching out of love
  • “That was a fearless lion in baby mode. It’s time to roar, let’s go!”
  • You can follow Adriane at https://ripthebandage.wixsite.com/rip2 or on Facebook @ Rip The Bandage

78: Limbitless with Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt


Tracy Schmitt was born a 4-way amputee. She learned how to become unstoppable at an early age and accomplish goals that most people would never even dare to try. In this episode:

  • Over 15 million views for her video, “Nobody Left Behind”
  • When you’re told no, respond with “How come?”
  • Shoelace Leader
  • Learning how to play with the neighbors in their yard
  • The benefits of having a “tough love” mom
  • Born limbitless
  • Pursuing leadership development in developing countries
  • Learning how to sail and overcoming multiple challenges
  • Pursuing the Canadian Paralympic Sailing Team
  • Driving to Miami, washing and waxing boats everyday, and living in her car for 3 months to pursue Magnus Liljedahl, Gold Olympian Sailor, as her coach and mentor
  • How Tracy responded after years and years fo effort without selection to the Canadian Paralympic Team
  • Becoming the #1 Female Transformational Leader
  • No excuses, no limits

You can follow Tracy on Instagram @unstoppabletracy and learn more about her at unstoppabletracy.com