11: From Startup to International Sales

Kim Overton is the founder of SPIbelt which stands for Small Personal Item Belt. This product was developed for runners but has a number of other functionalities as well. Kim takes us through her journey as a small startup company to how she grew and scaled her business internationally. In this episode:

  • How to combine passion and vision to form a business
  • Finding the entrepreneurial spirit at an early age
  • How to rebound from a big financial loss
  • How to grow & scale your business after an overnight boom
  • Why it is important to know your customer niche

You can discover more on Kim on her blog: http://www.kimjoverton.com/ and her product: https://spibelt.com/

10: Talking Life with America’s Oldest Veteran

Richard Overton served in World War II and is 111 years old! He is still living life to the fullest and shows no signs of slowing down. In this episode:

  • The secret to life
  • Serving in World War II
  • Meeting President Obama and more

Richard is currently living at home due to the generosity of others. Please support this American hero and donate to his 24/7 HomeCare expenses through his GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/Help-Richard-Overton and follow his life on Instagram @TheRichardOverton

9: Third Degree Burns Before the World Race

Elisabeth Chauncey survived a horrible accident and almost lost her foot in the process. She had to overcome third-degree burns and relearn how to walk. Yet, that didn’t stop her from completing the World Race and visiting 11 countries in 11 months. She used her scars to minister to others around the world. In this episode:

  • How to never lose hope
  • Wrestling with identity and what identity really means
  • What does beauty look like?
  • What a year long mission trip looks like
  • Using the insight learned from a pain-filled experience to help others

You can read more about Elisabeth and her travels on her blog: https://elisabethchauncey.theworldrace.org/ and you can follow her on Instagram @elisabethchauncey

8: I Heard Urine Need of a Kidney

Graham McMillan was a perfect match to donate his kidney to Danny Kolzow and he surprised him with the news in a video that went viral on the Internet. Danny speaks in depth about this journey both before and after his kidney transplant and what Graham’s willingness to give has meant to him. In this episode:

  • What it looks like to wait a long time for a desperate need
  • How to trust God for something bigger than yourself
  • How to use adversity as the fuel toward a new cause of giving back
  • How to use what you receive and bless others

Danny is the founder of the new organization Organ Share. You can reach out to him through Facebook and Instagram @dannykolzow

Watch as Graham surprises Danny with a kidney transplant.


7: Winning Marathons with Brain Cancer

Iram Leon has been battling brain cancer for seven years but it has yet to stop him from becoming an elite marathon runner who often places first or within the top 10 of the races he competes in. In addition, he competed in a lot of these races while pushing his daughter in a stroller! He has drawn international attention in the running community and sat down with Underdog to tell his story. In this episode:

  • How he has decided to push back against brain cancer for the past 7 years
  • How to beat the odds in a marathon and the marathon of life
  • Why running is the best therapy
  • How a father and daughter strengthen one another
  • Why running connects him to others

You can follow Iram Leon on his Facebook page and reach out to him at his email address president@austinrunners.org