7: Winning Marathons with Brain Cancer

Iram Leon has been battling brain cancer for seven years but it has yet to stop him from becoming an elite marathon runner who often places first or within the top 10 of the races he competes in. In addition, he competed in a lot of these races while pushing his daughter in a stroller! He has drawn international attention in the running community and sat down with Underdog to tell his story. In this episode:

  • How he has decided to push back against brain cancer for the past 7 years
  • How to beat the odds in a marathon and the marathon of life
  • Why running is the best therapy
  • How a father and daughter strengthen one another
  • Why running connects him to others

You can follow Iram Leon on his Facebook page and reach out to him at his email address president@austinrunners.org

6: Olympics, Octagon, and Office

Matt Lindland takes us through his journey of humble beginnings in rural Oregon to becoming the #1 wrestler in the country in college and how that led to his Olympic Silver Medal and his career in the UFC. In the end he discusses how the lessons he learned in overcoming adversity helped him run a political campaign in Oregon and what his current full-time responsibility as a coach means to him now. In this episode:

  • Learn how to set higher than normal goals
  • Overcoming whatever life throws at you
  • The best moment from the Olympics
  • Fighting against organizational and political power

You can find out more about Matt at his website www.coachmattlindland.com and you can follow him on Instagram @mlindland

5: Mason’s Survival From Terrorist Attacks

Mason Wells was in the vicinity of three separate terrorist attacks in three different countries and was directly injured due to one bombing. He speaks about these unfortunate series of events, shares his road to recovery, and reflects upon what he learned from them and what he is doing to combat terrorism now. In this episode:

  • We discuss – Why bad things happen to good people and why life seems unjust at times
  • How to overcome and heal from devastating injuries
  • How to conquer paranoia and the fear of the unknown
  • Not living life based on “What if?”
  • Not letting our situations define who we are

Mason is the author of his new book called, “Left Standing”. You can find it at any major bookstore near you.

4: Small Town Girl Means Big Business

Alexis Teichmiller is a visionary and an entrepreneur. She wrote her first book in high school and launched her first business in college. She takes us through her entrepreneurial journey from the cornfields of Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee and she shares the lessons she learned along the way to never give up on her dreams. In this episode:

  • Learn how to overcome the haters
  • Pursue your dream at an early age
  • How to stand up for yourself in and out of the workplace
  • How to build your personal brand

You can follow Alexis on Instagram @alexisteichmiller and you can listen to her more by listening to her podcast, “The Laptop Lifestyle”.

3: Radical Forgiveness with Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton is a current minor league prospect for the Chicago Cubs, but he is better known for forgiving the man who took his mother’s life. In this episode:

  • Hear what forgiveness really looks like
  • Learn how to turn the other cheek and not reciprocate hate with hate
  • Learn how something positive can come out of a national tragedy
  • Chris shares the strength it takes to carry on after the loss of a loved one

You can follow Chris on Instagram @csingleton_2 and find out more information about him at thechrissingleton.com