15: B.I.G. Love with Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips is the founder of BIG Love Cancer Care which is an organization that assists children cancer patients and their families in their greatest time of need. She created this mission after the loss of her daughter, Brooke, to cancer. Brooke’s love lives on and continues to grow as more and more hospitals partner with BIG Love and the work & passion that they provide. In this episode:

  • How a parent copes with their child’s cancer diagnosis
  • How to stay strong in moments when you can barely breathe
  • What it looks like to wrestle with God and also how to trust Him
  • Losing your child but continuing their legacy to benefit others
  • The lessons that we can learn from children

You can discover more about Jessica and Big Love on Instagram and Facebook @BigLoveCancerCare as well as www.biglovecancercare.org