16: Keeping Promises with Alex Sheen

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Alex Sheen is the founder of Because I Said I Would which is a charity focused on making, keeping, and fulfilling promises no matter how small or how large the magnitude. Alex was touched by his father’s word to always keep his promises so he decided to pass on that legacy by forming a charity that challenges others to do the same. He has received a considerable amount of publicity including a recent sit-down interview with Megyn Kelly on NBC and discusses his journey with Underdog. In this episode:

  • Why keeping a promise is so important
  • Leaving a stable job to pursue a greater cause
  • How to be obsessed with effort over results
  • How to be about it and not just talk about it
  • Walking across the state of Ohio
  • The most impactful promise he has heard from Because I Said I Would

You can find out more about Alex at www.becauseisaidiwould.com and on Instagram and Facebook @BecauseISaidIWould