47: Survivor, Physician, Entrepreneur

Dr. Edna Ma is an anesthesiologist that used her medical knowledge to create a product called BareEase. She wanted to raise money for her business by pitching her product on Shark Tank, but before she was given the chance to do so, she had to prove her worthiness on another reality TV show, Survivor. In this episode:

  • Learning from Chinese immigrant parents
  • Choosing the field of anesthesiology
  • Using her physician experience to create an everyday anesthetic consumer product
  • Creative finance approach to fundraising: becoming a contestant on Survivor
  • The most difficult part of being a contestant on Survivor
  • Getting onto Shark Tank and not getting a deal but gaining publicity
  • Becoming a children’s author
  • Handling a hectic workload
  • Wake up living the dream

You can learn more about Dr. Ma at her web site www.ednama.com and you can follow her on Instagram @dr.ednama

46: Wealth Can’t Wait with David Osborn

David Osborn is a serial entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, and the best selling author of Wealth Can’t Wait. He built the 4th largest real estate business in the USA among many other successful businesses. But he found himself dead broke and unemployed at 26 before he embarked on his journey to create a life of his design. In this episode:

  • Learning that it doesn’t take money to have a fulfilling life
  • The pros and cons of capitalism in a worldview
  • Learning real estate from Gary Keller and building an empire
  • Success is not about the destination, it’s about the journey
  • Making an effort to be successful with his family
  • Wealth Can’t Wait – What wealth is and what wealth is not

You can find out more about David at www.davidosborn.com and you can visit www.thegoaltemplate.com to get a free copy of the template that he uses to set goals. In addition, you can buy a copy of his book, Wealth Can’t Wait, at any book retailer near you.

45: Rise Up with No Legs and Become a Spartan

Kacey McCallister lost both of his legs at the age of six in a terrible accident. He never made an excuse for himself and went on to succeed in all areas of life. He won championships in wrestling and cross country in high school. Now, he competes in Spartan Races across the country on his hands. In this episode:

  • Losing his legs at six years old
  • Learning how to complete chores and other daily tasks without making excuses
  • Gaining confidence through wrestling
  • How a coach taught him the meaning of grit
  • Winning the district meet in cross country, and placing 2nd in the state in wrestling
  • Finding his spouse and raising five kids
  • The most difficult obstacle of every Spartan Race
  • All alone at the Seattle Beast, but finding a way to finish
  • Deciding at the beginning of each race that he won’t quit
  • “That looks impossible. Let’s go do that!”

You can find out more information about Kacey at http://www.riseupwithkacey.com/. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @riseupwithkacey

44: Reinventing the Wheel

The old saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel” doesn’t apply to these two entrepreneurs. David Patrick and Zack Fleishman are the creators and founders of Shark Wheel which is a revolutionary wheel design and product. The circle wheel had not been redesigned for thousands and thousands of years until their unique product came along. Their product has generated an incredible amount of interest and their popularity helped them land a spot on TV’s hit show, Shark Tank. In this episode:

  • Dedicating an entire childhood to one sport
  • Sustaining a devastating injury at the height of one’s athletic career
  • Going from the mortgage banking software industry to reinventing the wheel
  • How overburdened stress caused a health scare
  • The intersection between a sphere and a cube
  • How the passion for science formed a new business partnership
  • Making 800% of their Kickstarter funding goal in the first 30 days
  • Agreeing to a deal with 3 of the Sharks on Shark Tank
  • Finding a new product market after the episode aired

You can find out more information about David and Zack at https://sharkwheel.com/about-us/

43: Foster Care and Prison Happened For Me, Not To Me

Mark Crandall is a licensed counselor, a mindset coach, an author, and a motivational speaker. He grew up in the foster care system which resulted in many emotional issues as a teenager and adult. He eventually turned to drugs which landed him in prison for seven years. But while he was in prison he made a decision to change his life around. In this episode:

  • Growing up in foster care
  • “Some day you’re going to soar with the eagles”
  • Learning how to connect with other human beings
  • Balancing the troubles that plagued his biological parents
  • Viewing counseling as a child vs. as an adult
  • Overcoming the addiction to heroin
  • Spending seven years in prison
  • The moment when he asked himself, “What am I doing?”
  • Finding his spiritual strength in prison
  • Everything in my past happened for me, not to me
  • Breaking free from the victim mentality
  • The best advice for foster kids
  • I am unstoppable

You can find out more information about Mark at www.markcrandall.net. He is the host of the Purpose Chasers Podcast, and he is the author of Eulogy of Childhood Memories.