2: Mexico to Canada with James Anderson

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In this episode: James Anderson tells us what it was like to walk by himself from Mexico to Canada and the interactions with strangers he had along the way. You will hear:

  • What it looks like to take a giant leap of faith
  • What it is like to walk (many) miles in a homeless person’s shoes
  • About trusting God for help & provision in times of need
  • About the real-life Forrest Gump
  • Success is finding your calling and not letting fear stand in the way of it
  • Many, many stories!

The person that James speaks of in the show is Rob Pope and his Facebook page is “Run Robla Run”; https://www.facebook.com/pg/runroblarun/about/?ref=page_internal

To hear more of James’ stories then please visit his Facebook page “3:16 Coast 2 Coast”; https://www.facebook.com/316Coast2Coast/ and you can reach out to him on instagram @james_heath_anderson