33: Trafficked with Toni McKinley

Toni McKinley is a counselor and a guest speaker, and was a victim of sex trafficking when she was a child. Toni overcame manipulation by men and a lack of trust in anyone to become a pillar of hope in her community. She is a part of many organizations that work to stop trafficking and rehabilitate girls who have been victimized. Her non-profit, Survivor Sisters Leadership Program, is made up of previous victims of this trade that mentor incarcerated girls who are locked up due to crimes they committed under the duress of their pimp. Toni hopes to help as many girls as she can and keep them from returning to the streets. In this episode:

  • Getting caught in trafficking … how does it happen?
  • The psychological manipulation behind trafficking
  • Why victims are afraid to speak up
  • Losing trust and all hope in the good of people
  • The profound impact that a teacher can make
  • Getting her college degree after cheating her way through high school
  • How your own child can turn your life around forever
  • Finding faith in God in the most bizarre way
  • Starting an organization that helps these victims break the chains of abuse
  • What can we do in the local community to stop trafficking?

You can find out more about Toni at www.tonimckinley.com and you can purchase her book “What Happened to Me?! Healing for Sex Trafficking Survivors” on that web site.