21: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Cancer is devastating at any age but especially for someone at 16 years old. Beating that cancer over a couple of years to only have it relapse back into your life is even more devastating. But what if the brutality of the cancer drugs that were concocted to save your life also led to the poisoning of your heart? Shae Brown beat cancer twice and then she was told that she needed a heart transplant. She survived all three and crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon side-by-side with her donor’s father. In this episode:

  • Fighting cancer as a teenager
  • Miraculous healings
  • Doubting God and trusting God
  • Relapsing back into cancer and having to fight it for a longer duration
  • The “Red Devil” is attacking your heart
  • The physical and emotional roller coaster of life
  • Receiving a heart transplant and running a marathon with your donor’s father
  • How to stay positive and encouraged throughout a life spent in the hospital

You can reach out to Shae through email brownshae670@gmail.com