31: Gaining Weight to Empathize

Drew Manning is the founder of Fit2Fat2Fit and has influenced millions around the world as a personal trainer. Drew had a radical idea to give up his fitness lifestyle and become obese on purpose within 6 months to better empathize with his clients struggles in losing weight. He returned to his natural weight and lifestyle with a better perspective within a matter of months of returning to a steady diet and hitting the gym. Drew not only shares what he learned about fitness, but what he learned about his self-image during the process. In this episode:

  • The passion of fitness
  • How did he view his clients as a personal trainer before he became fat?
  • The birth of the idea of Fit2Fat2Fit and how Drew remained accountable
  • The hardships of gaining weight, what was the most difficult?
  • The statistics: 193lbs to 269lbs; 8.5% body fat to 32% body fat, 34in waist to 47.5in waist and much more
  • The hardships of losing weight and returning to a healthy diet
  • Wrestling with self-image and physical appearance
  • How this radical idea changed his perspective on fitness forever

Drew is the best-selling author of “Fit2Fat2Fit”. You can pick up a copy of his book on Amazon or at a book store near you. For more information on Drew and his journey please visit www.fit2fat2fit.com