30: Fiercely Facing Abuse with Carolyn Bostrack

Carolyn Bostrack is a single mother of three wonderful children, a phd, an author, a keynote speaker, and an advocate for many different organizations within her community. She was sexually abused and emotionally abused as a child and throughout her teenage years. This horrible dynamic and resulting image of love led her into an abusive and manipulative marriage. After the birth of her daughter she found the courage to leave her ex-husband and begin a new life with a new definition of “unconditional” love. In this episode:

  • Growing up in an abusive household with a hoarder
  • Growing into womanhood and struggling with the image of who a man should be
  • How to muster the courage to leave an abusive ex behind
  • How to persevere through homelessness with an infant daughter
  • Putting yourself to the test: full-time work, being a student, being a mother, writing a book, and speaking across the nation
  • FIERCE – Getting through each day, 5 minutes at a time
  • How to overcome the painful memories of the past
  • Keep on dreaming

You can discover more of Carolyn’s story on her web site: http://carolyncolleen.com/ and you can purchase her book, “FIERCE – Transform Your Life in the Face of Adversity 5 Minutes at a Time” on Amazon.