24: Father of Aerobics with Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Dr. Cooper coined the term “aerobics” and began the fitness and exercise revolution. But, when he first started he was ridiculed by the medical community, and was told that he was going to harm people and not help people. Well, Dr. Cooper proved them wrong, has traveled all over the world, wrote numerous best selling books, and has led countless people to a healthy life. In this episode:

  • How he proved aerobic exercise equals longevity
  • Trailblazing the medical field
  • Overcoming critical experts from the medical community
  • The 8 steps to get Cooperized and live a healthy life
  • Overcoming a facility fire and financial debt to pursue a passion
  • The 4 keys to Dr. Cooper’s success
  • Speaking in front of 223,000 people in Rio de Janeiro with Billy Graham
  • What it means to pass your business onto your child

You can find out more info about Dr. Cooper at www.cooperaerobics.com