32: Drug Addict Turned Entrepreneur

Kacey Gorringe was addicted to drugs throughout most of his life and could not break the habit until he was arrested for drug possession. During his short stay in jail he finally decided to come clean and leave a life full of heroin and cocaine behind. He received the blessing of a lifetime to return to college, earn his degree, and found a great job right out of school. However, he felt a deeper calling for his life and left his six-figure job behind to pursue his own business. He packed up his belongings from Utah and moved to Texas to begin a business in real estate. He now runs a successful operation in Austin and helps homeowners avoid the foreclosure process; one that he experienced during his drug abuse days. In this episode:

  • The power of addiction
  • How drugs destroys the body, mind, and relationships
  • Trying to quit but returning to the same old habit
  • The eye opener – getting arrested and going to jail
  • Getting foreclosed on and losing your most valued asset
  • Changing directions in life and aspiring to do something more with your gifts and talents
  • Leaving job security behind to pursue an entrepreneurial passion
  • Why it is so important to discover your own “why”
  • Giving back to the community – why should you?

You can reach out to Kacey on Facebook at Kacey Gorringe. He would love to help you with any addiction struggles that you are going through!