27: Billions in Real Estate with Harry Patten

Harry Patten is the foremost buyer and seller of rural and recreational land in the United States and is the owner of National Land Partners LLC. He started his journey as a child in Vermont traveling with his dad who was a suit salesman. He learned the art of selling from his father and became fascinated with real estate. His net worth is in the billions and he is a dedicated philanthropist. In this episode:

  • Rags to riches, how he got from pennies and nickels to over a billion dollars in net worth
  • The top performing stock on NYSE in 1986
  • Giving back to Massachusetts General Hospital and Horatio-Alger Scholarship Program and why it is important to him
  • Creating a business that generates over $200 million in revenue every year
  • The #1 piece of advice for young entrepreneurs

You can find out more about Harry on his web site: http://www.pattenfamilycompanies.com/t-harry-patten.html