29: Beaten to Death and Beating the Odds

Kelubia Mabatah was an outstanding tennis player in high school and in college before he went pro. When his career ended he moved to Africa to work for his father’s business. One night he was brutally attacked by four armed men who left him to die for reasons that are still unknown. Kel survived through four brain surgeries and had to relearn how to walk and how to talk again. In this episode:

  • The sport of tennis and why it is beloved by Kel
  • The night of the attack … what happened?
  • Persevering through painful rehab and physical therapy
  • The struggles of re-learning how to speak again and the therapy of reading
  • How Kel views God and the divine timing of it all
  • What did it feel like to play tennis again?
  • Being honored by your high school
  • Rehab as a full-time job while writing a book

Kelubia can be followed on Instagram @kmabatah