34: Run Forrest Run with Rob Pope

Rob Pope was inspired by the movie Forrest Gump and decided to retrace Forrest’s steps. Rob is the only man in history to run across the United States four times. This Englishman ran 422 days and over 15,000 miles to earn his stripes as the real life Forrest Gump. After all, he just felt like runnin! In this episode:

  • Intrigued to do what no one has ever done before
  • The unwavering support of a girlfriend and the comfort of Jenny
  • Each step of the journey across America … 4 times
  • Raising money for the World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct
  • Overcoming financial and physical hardship
  • Each new state brings new pain
  • Funny stories in different parts of the country
  • His favorite parts of the USA

You can learn more about Rob at www.goingthedistancerun.com or on Facebook @RunRoblaRun. Rob would love for you to donate money to the charities that he supports: https://www.worldwildlife.org/ and https://www.peacedirect.org/us/