13: Imprisoned for Murder He Did Not Commit

Michael Morton was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for the murder of his wife. He spent nearly 25 years in prison before he was found innocent and exonerated. Michael is now a free man and shares what he learned behind about life behind bars. In this episode:

  • Feeling powerless against the power of the State
  • Life in prison – how to survive
  • How to overcome the lies that people believe about you
  • Finding God in prison
  • Revenge to forgiveness
  • Working with the Innocence Project
  • Reconciling with your family members after 25 years
  • How to overcome the prison within your own mind

Michael is the author of “Getting Life” which can be found at any book store and at Amazon. He frequently travels around the country sharing his story and you can find out more about him at www.michael-morton.com